285. Bussing to Ireland

The Tudung Traveller

Last week, I got off Skype with one of my dearest friends, Allison, and realised… I hadn’t touched our Ireland pictures ever since we got back.

Way to go, Atikah. I guess it’s about time I start writing on my Europe adventures again.

SAM_5963Ireland is magical, more so than I had expected. In fact, I found out that ‘Ireland is home to more natural wonders than any of [their] European cousins’!

I’ve to be honest though, the first time I kept the intention of going to Ireland, I’d just watched Westlife’s ‘My Love’ music video.

You’re welcome.

I was a huge Westlife fan (don’t smirk, you were too!) and had the hugest crush on Mark. I found out a couple of years too late that he swings for the other team, so oh well. But what didn’t change was the fact that these men hailed from Ireland, and I…

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Last Post.

I have decided that I won’t be posting on wordpress anymore. 
I suppose you’re either a blogspot blogger or wordpress. 
No in between. 

Perhaps the case is only for me. 

Though I’m active on my tumblr too. 


Basically, what I’m saying is that don’t expect any more post from here. 
Check me out at annurmunirah.blogspot.com instead! =D

Sorry wordpress. 



Motion Graphic and Broadcast Design

9 Days before the start of my diploma!

As seen from the title,
I’m gonna be taking a course related to motion graphic and broadcast design!

I’m looking forward as much as I’m feeling uncertain.
I took part in the freshmen orientation organized by Nanyang Polytechnic
which took place from 7th to the 9th of April.

Met my course mates, played games, bonded, explored the school and were given an idea of what to expect.
I’ve been doing some reading and exploration of what I’m gonna embark on too.
Pretty exciting!

I’m in a dilemma, I do not know what and where to have posts posted,
thinking bout it usually results to the decision of not sharing anything at all.

My, oh my, my language is seriously deteriorating.

Be it Malay or English.

It’s scary =O


oh wells. Wish me well.


13 Ways To Jet Set On A College Student’s Budget


Thought Catalog

Disclaimer: I’m a non-Trust Fund Baby that has been to more than 40 countries during her college career. As such, people love to ask me how travel in an affordable fashion. While this list is by no means exhaustive, here are some of my tried-and-true tricks.

1. Volunteer abroad for free. Find volunteer programs that do not have a program fee or any hidden costs. Try Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF), a program that assigns you to an organic farm that will host you in exchange for work on their farm. You can apply at any time for any part of the year. If you are a college student looking to teach English for a summer somewhere exotic but would rather skip the $5000 program fee (which is, you know, understandable), try Learning Enterprises, which has no program fee. The deadline for summer 2014 is February 16th.


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The Truth About Travelers

Beautifully pieced~! ^_^

infinite satori

Press play first.

_DSC7058 copy

We have been called many things. Travelers, by default. But we like to be called nomads. Explorers. Vagabonds. Adventurers. Wayfarers. Modern gypsies. Wanderers. We’ve adopted them all. A growing breed of humans with restless feet and the inability to stay still, the inability to stay in one place.

That is who we are. And that’s just the gist of it.

We come from all walks of life, from bustling gray colored cities, sleepy beach towns, snow-covered metropolises, small villages nestled in between lush green mountains, we come from everywhere. But our inner gravity always brings us to the same place… the road.

We deem courage weighs more than money when it comes to travel. We’re not rich, not financially well-off and we don’t travel for luxury. Our money does not come from rich parents, trust funds, or whatever privileges you think we have in order to maintain…

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There are other goals and priorities in my life but I do know for sure that traveling is on one of the top in my list. I’m not looking for first class holidays, just those thrill seeking adventure or some with-a-backpack on various transport exploration. I want to do it now. Not when I’ve saved half a million, exhausted and aged.


First things first,

I feel undeserving to have ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’ as my tagline as much as I love it.
Gotta say I’m positive I’ll have some great time here in WordPress.
First post are normally about why you’ve got yourself on WordPress right?

So here goes,

I joined WordPress with the hope of experiencing something unique,
share worthy with the world.
and it’s gonna be all about ME! =D

Welcome me WordPress community!